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We create diferent contents!

Tel: 82-2-6959-9269


E-mail: C.E.O

( / 82-10-3503-1090)


General Manager

( / 82-10-2843-8015)




We have carried out about 20 design projects annually!! 






Bllody Code (China, Movie, in progress)

Chuxi's Story  (China, Movie, in progress)

Flying Super Board (Korea, Movie, in progress)

Larva (Movie, 2013)

Larva (TV, 2013)

Bremen Music Band (Movie, in progress)

Pororo, The Racing Advnture (Movie, 2012)

The Outback / Koala kids (Movie, 2012)

MiX Master Season2 (TV, 2010)

Jungle Shuffle (Movie, 2012)

City Paradiso (Short Movie, 2009)

Minders (TV, 2015)

Line Rangers (Web, 2015)

Ray‟s Fire Station (TV, 2015)

Trunk Man (Movie, 2015)

Lucky (Movie, 2014)

8 Monkey (Movie, 2015)

Animal wars (Movie, 2011)

Mini Special force (Movie, 2015)

Snowpiercer (Short Movie, 2013) 

Neobot master (TV, 2017)

Jungle Bungle (Movie, 2017)

Skullkids (TV, 2013)

~Join more than 60 animations!








Archiage (MMORPG)

WeMade LF Project (MMORPG)

The king of Fighters Online (MMO)


WeMade Q Project (MMORPG)

Caribbean Jump (Mobile)

Flying Man (Mobile)

Paladog SAGA(Mobile)







Theme Park



Teddy Bear Kids Park (Lotte Word 2.nd)

K-Culture Valley (CJ)

Cheng du Teddy Cafe (China)

Kunsan Teddy Musume (Korea)

Digital Theme Park (World wide)

Panax Kingdom (Korea)

Belluga Talk Show (korea, Lotte world)

“Hell” Theme park (Korea)

“Safty” Theme park (Korea)






VFX & Movie



With a God (Movie)

Nexen Tire CF (Commecial)

Hankook Tire (Commecial)

SK Energy (Commercial Movie)

Shanghai EXPO (Theme Zone From Korean Pavillion)

Korean Airline CF (Commecial)





Teakwon V (Concept art for Movie)

KT Telecom (Commercial Character design)

Incheon Asiangame Opening Ceremony Yeosu EXPO (Planning For Parade)

Kokkdu (Character design)

Robot Fish (Industrial design)

Ion Dino (Mechanical design) 

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